In 1989, Mr. Ling Wei Chuen invented the first adjustable folding chair in the world. Since then a patent has been granted to him throughout the world, including U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom and other countries of the European Community, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.

As the advent of the adjustable folding chair is a breakthrough from the traditional adjustable method as well as a Combination of the advantages of both folding chair and adjustable chair, it can be comprehensively applied to meet the needs for offices, homes, factories, children, the aged people, the disabled people, housewives and other industries.

Mr. Ling and his invention were featured and detailed introduced in many magazines under HK Trade Development Council, several famous HK magazines and on TV programme when he received Governor's award for industry 1990 for consumer product design of this invention in the same year, he set up Magnate Industrial Co., which went in for the production of his invention from scratch, and gradually developed other product lines.

Magnate Industrial Co. is a well-established factory specifying in the manufacture of a variety of chairs now. We have great pleasure of soliciting orders for our make according to the samples or producing new inventions together. For those who are interested in long term cooperative relationship by acting as our agencies, we believe we have sufficient power to expand the business of our partners for our interest.

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